The Biomarker Database

Bm2Dx is your one-stop-shop for diagnostic biomarker evidence, quality and R&D progress. Bm2Dx provides:

  • Comprehensive information on biomarker candidates
  • Search and analysis tools

Explore now the candidates with higher potential to meet the target product profiles (TPPs).

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Why Use Bm2Dx

Stay Up To Date

Helps researchers, test developers and manufacturers stay up to date and enables early identification of biomarker candidates with sufficient evidence.

Improved Research

Serves as an improved research resource to explore combinations of biomarkers with higher potential to meet TPPs

Synthesises data from:

Original research studies to come up with answers.

Bm2Dx is an initiative of FIND

FIND diagnostics

Supported by McGill & New Diagnostics Working Group

McGill International TB Centre New Diagnostics Working Group

& by the Dutch government and UK aid from the UK Government.

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